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As a hospitality or tourism leader, you’re likely using an array of marketing tools to reach your guests when they are either planning a trip or staying in-room. In addition to third-party and company websites, hotels, cruise lines, and tradeshow operators and participants depend on:

Email marketing

The average email subscriber:

  • Gets 416 commercial messages per month
  • Opens 28.5% of emails
  • Clicks through on just 4.3% of them


There is typically no way to calculate print ROI, unless brochures use special sales or QR codes and company representatives ask callers for them. Companies often count online downloads or hard copy requests to develop an approximate ROI.

QR code-enabled Hotel Bellybands

  • Leverage QR codes and attractively printed bellybands to market hospitality and travel guests in an unexpected manner and place
  • Tap into guests’ desire to use mobile technology to engage with their preferred brands and service providers
  • Recognize that 80.8% of users read email on mobile devices
  • Exploit the fact that 51% of smartphone owners use mobile devices to access travel content
  • Capitalize on the opportunity that one in five guests use smartphones to actually book travel and excursion travel
  • Are inexpensive to create and deploy and save on print collateral costs
  • Can immediately create new sources of revenue
  • Enable teams to do test-and-learn marketing, seeing which promotions perform the best


Hotel operators and marketers know that their best opportunity to capture rebooking revenue from guests is when they are at their properties and enjoying their amenities. So what can you do if your current print collateral and email marketing efforts aren’t maximizing per-visit spend and generating repeat business?

Use Out-of-the-Box Greetings’ QR code-enabled bellybands for hotel pillows to create in-room hospitality marketing campaigns that:

  • Provide a warm welcome, with a short video of property features, online maps, and local attraction information
  • Capture opt-in guest emails for future marketing opportunities
  • Instantly boost revenues by offering discounts and upgrades for rebookings at your brand’s different properties
  • Increase sales of high-dollar services such as spa visits and restaurant meals
  • Create VIP offers to strengthen the loyalty of your top spenders
  • Motivate guests to complete surveys or provide reviews of their visit experience

Implementing a new strategic mobile hotel marketing campaign is as simple as wrapping a QR-enabled bellyband around a standard-sized guest pillow. Change the sales message daily to create excitement, deepen guest relationships, and instantly increase spending with compelling discounts and promotions.

Contact us to learn how you can get started with QR code hotel marketing.

Cruise Lines

Cruise line operators often offer guests generous discounts to get them to book vacations. They depend on selling additional products and services to maximize profitability. They also seek to create customers for life by marketing guests on future cruises, with themed experiences, new routes, and exotic destinations.

Use Out-of-the-Box Greetings’ QR-enabled bellybands to accomplish these goals by:

  • Engaging customers with compelling narratives and resources, such as welcome videos, destination information, FAQs, testimonials, and on-ship narratives
  • Immediately driving revenues of cruises, such as new destinations and ships, with a time-sensitive discount or upgrade
  • Increasing sales of high-dollar services such as spa visits, merchandise sales, or excursions
  • Creating VIP offers, such as room or meal upgrades and private performances
  • Providing access to digital collateral, “greening” marketing efforts and decreasing printing costs
  • Simplifying debarkation, emergency evacuation, and disembarkation logistics
  • Obtaining opt-in guest emails for future marketing
  • Linking passengers to surveys to gain feedback on their experiences
  • Contact us to learn how you can get started with QR code travel marketing.


At tradeshows and conferences, attendees are bombarded with print, banner, video, and in-person sales messages, not to mention extensive pre-show and post-show email campaigns.

It’s not uncommon for companies to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars per show. And unless they book major new clients, there can be little to show for all that spending.

Out-of-the-Box Greetings will easily separate your company differentiate itself from competitors. Our QR code-enabled bellybands for hotel pillows help you market your company, products, and services in a compelling, unconventional manner, right at the point-of-sale. These innovative marketing tools can be used to:

  • Drive attendee traffic and customer prospects to your tradeshow booth
  • Market new products and services to conference attendees via a short online marketing video and trial samples
  • Provide a special time-limited offer, such as the ability to be the first to adopt new products and services
  • Create exclusive VIP offers, such as invitations to cocktail and after-parties
  • Invite attendees to engage with you via social media
  • Provide online access to marketing collateral, greening your efforts and decreasing printing costs
  • Rotate offers daily for maximal ROI. Contact us to learn how you can get started with QR code tradeshow marketing.

QR Code Marketing

Enter a typical hotel or cruise line stateroom and you’ll find in-room marketing brochures, menus, information on area attractions, and of course a chocolate on the pillow.

For hospitality print campaigns, it can be next to impossible to measure ROI. Meanwhile click-through rates for email campaigns are slipping ever lower, making it difficult to close sales.

Out-of-the-Box Greetings’ beacon enabled, NFC tags, and QR code-enabled mobile marketing campaigns address these industry ills by providing marketing teams with an exciting new tool they can use to engage hotel and travel guests, motivating them to accomplish desired goals, such as watching welcome videos, providing email contact information, and responding to time-sensitive marketing offers.

Elegantly designed, highly branded Out-of-the-Box Greetings’ bellybands are placed vertically around standard-sized hotel pillows. Unexpected, attractive, and compelling, QR code-enabled bellybands inspire curiosity and engage hotel guests when they are relaxed and maximally ready to receive a marketing offer. Hotel guests use their smartphones or mobile devices to scan the QR code and access an online campaign or rich content.

Out-of-the Box Greetings are easy to apply, do not interfere with housekeeping, and can be switched daily for greater ROI. As such, they are especially ideal for guests who spend multiple days in their room, such as business travelers, vacationers, cruise guests, large meeting groups, and tradeshow and conference attendees.

Contact us to learn how you can use QR code marketing to transform your hospitality, tourism, and tradeshow campaigns today.


It’s easy to put Out-of-the-Box Greetings instantly to work for your marketing needs! You can use Out-of-the-Box Greetings to provide complete design, production, printing, and fulfillment services for your marketing needs – or license our patented product for your use.

A Turnkey Solution

We offer design and fulfillment services for hospitality and tourism leaders. We design QR code-enabled bellybands that reflect and extend your brand with your logo, brand colors, a high impact marketing message – and of course, a QR code. We can also design landing pages for your campaigns, so that you have a turnkey marketing solution that’s as easy to deploy as slipping a QR-enabled bellyband on your hotel pillows. With our award-winning design team and network of high quality printers, you can launch a QR code marketing campaign in as little as three to five weeks.

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If you want to handle design and fulfillment, you can also license Out-of-the-Box Greetings products. We’ll provide attractive, unprinted bellybands you can customize for your own use.

How It Works

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a QR (quick response) code?

A QR code is a black-and-white pixilated digital image that is used to store and digitally present data. It can be used to automatically direct users to web pages or online content, streamlining access.

How do QR codes work?

QR codes can be embedded in a wide array of media. You’ll find them in marketing advertisements, on retail decals, on smart posters and now on bellybands for hotel pillows. Hotel guests can use their smartphones or mobile devices to scan QR codes and access marketing offers on online landing pages. They must install a QR code reader, which takes approximately a minute to download, and then open the app to scan the code. We recommend that hospitality and tourism leaders provide QR code installation directions on the reverse side of bellybands and direct guests to them via a short marketing tease.

How do Out-of-the-Box Greetings work?

Hospitality and tourism companies work with Out-of-the-Box Greetings to design branded bellybands for their campaigns. Our company provides design and fulfillment, shipping printed bellybands to their destinations. We also can design landing pages, reducing the time and effort to launch a QR-enabled marketing campaign.

How long does it take to launch a QR code marketing campaign with you?

We can launch your QR-enabled bellyband campaign in as little as three to five weeks! Design and writing take about a week. Printing and die-cutting take two to three weeks. And ground shipping takes a week.

What is the pricing for Out-of-the-Box Greetings?

Our QR-enabled bellybands are sold in quantities of 500, with an upfront creative and production design fee. We will waive design fees for orders of 2,000 bellybands or more.

Contact us for a custom quote.


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Out-of-the-Box Greetings offers hotel brands, and tourism operators an innovative way to wrap up new revenue with elegant designed and high quality printed QR and text enabled paper bands for hotel pillows. Our mission is to provide hospitality and tourism leaders with a cost-efficient, but highly effective tool to engage and delight their guests, driving per-visit spend and repeat business and strengthening vital relationships.

Out-of-the-Box Greetings provides design and fulfillment services for its patented product, enabling hospitality and tourism leaders to leverage the power of QR and text codes to drive marketing results.

The Out-of-the-Box Greetings team of award-winning marketing consultants and designers have extensive expertise in the tourism and hospitality industry.

The Out-of-the-Box Greetings team has executed regional and national digital and robust print campaigns for clients such as the Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau, and Amtrak with proven repeat visitor and convention business. The company is based in West Palm Beach, Florida, and Annapolis, Maryland and is a minority- and woman-owned company.